About Me

I’m a Ballarat based IT professional with over 20 years experience in the IT and Internet industry, 5 of which employed at Google. The full details of my employment history is available on my LinkedIn profile.

I donate time and experience to a local non-profit (The Ballarat Hackerspace) that provides the Ballarat region with a workshop and promotes STEM fields.


If you are a local[1] non-profit or community group then I am very keen to help you out with small/medium sized projects (providing the organisation is completely nondiscriminatory towards race, gender and sexual identity/preference). Non-profits and community groups do amazing work and I hate to see them over spend on IT when that money could be better spent providing their services to the community.

[1] within approximately 30 minutes drive from Ballarat


[email protected]
0448 999 690 (if you plan on texting me please use the Signal App)

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