G'day and welcome 👍

My name is Scott Weston and I'm a Ballarat based UNIX Systems Administrator, Developer and Hacker (aka. SRE/DevOp)



Please Note

Before calling...

  • Send an introductory text message if you've never called me before. Ideally include your name and why you're contacting me.
  • There is no voicemail, so if I don't answer you should text me instead.
  • All private/withheld numbers are blocked.



Change Log

  • Thu Aug 9 16:33:35 2022 +1000
    Added schema.org microdata
  • Thu Aug 4 09:08:36 2022 +1000
    Removed SnapChat as a contact method. Snap recently changed to send advertising notifications using the same alert as chat messages. This makes Snapchat useless as a messaging app. I have deleted my account and the app and am now looking for a better messaging solution.
  • Thu May 12 12:27:29 2022 +1000
    Dark/Light mode now uses a global event bus in preperation for using a global event bus for more things.
  • Wed Mar 23 20:57:34 2022 +1100
    Even though I have archived /teslas the live feed of battery state of charge has been re-implemented because I think it's kinda neat.