What’s important to me

Marriage equality

  • On Thursday the 7th of December 2017 Australia passed a change to the Marriage Act to end discrimination against same sex couple that the Liberal Party under John Howard introduced in 2004 finally making Australia a fairer place for all!
  • If Australia hasn’t passed this by 2019 I will be super angry with our government


  • Religion is not a force for good
  • Religion should not receive government subsidies in form of tax free status
  • Religion has no place in education
  • Religion teaches people to be satisfied with not understanding the world

N.B.: I am not interested in debating or discussing the above statements for the same reason I wouldn’t enter into debates on the topics of unicorns, leprechauns or pixies.

STEM and Startups

  • Improved STEM teaching especially in regional areas where kids don’t have good access and exposure to technology
  • Better support for tech startups in regional areas
    • Faster NBN roll-out
    • We need a gigabit capable NBN, what kind of backwards Edwardian thinking says copper speeds are acceptable in the 21st century? FTTP, anything else is living in the past.
    • Funding for coworking and tech incubators
      • These will create the jobs of the future

Effective Altruism

Renewable energy

  • Australia should have large solar installations
  • Australia should have more wind farms
  • We need grid scale battery installations instead of gas peakers
  • Fairer feed-in-tariff for residents with solar
  • Tax incentives for purchase of 100% electric vehicles
    • remove LCT on 100% electric vehicles
    • lower registration costs
  • Create more jobs in this sector
    • create incentives for companies like Tesla to build cars and batteries in Australia
  • Australia could be the first entirely renewably powered continent!
    • This is entirely achievable with current technology
    • This would employ and train an incredibly large number of people and get us innovating again

Universal basic income

  • Self driving trucks, buses, taxis and cars are coming very soon and we’re currently ignoring the impact this will have on employment
  • Automation is coming faster than people can be retrained, we need to be thinking of solutions now
  • We are a perfectly sized population to trial replacing existing welfare with a UBI


  • At the end of September 2017 the Australian government finally announced plans to create a space agency!
  • Let’s use our space agency to inspire our kids to do amazing things!
  • Where is our space program?!

My Teslas

Tesla Model S

I own and drive a Tesla Model S, it is primarily charged from the solar panels on my roof or the renewable energy from Tesla Superchargers. If you have questions about Tesla ownership feel free to contact me, fair warning – I will talk your ear off.

My Tesla is currently % charged.

Some Tesla related hacks that I’ve done can be found on HCKR.IO

If any of the above inspires you to buy a Tesla you can use my referral link to save yourself some money ($1400 in Australia, ~$1000 USD elsewhere) and get unlimited supercharging for your Tesla: http://ts.la/scott1272 (you definitely want to use a referral code).

Tesla Powerwall 2

I also have a Powerwall 2 attached to my house. It is setup to charge from my solar panels and provide power to the house once the sun goes down. It also offers backup power for those times when the grid power is unavailable. With this device I can normally achieve around 99% self powered every month.

My Powerwall is currently % charged.

Displayed charge levels of my Model S and Powerwall are live and will only be available when my home internet connection is operational